How To Help Console And Counsel Someone Who Is Depressed

We do not always know what to do in situations like this, but we still need to learn how to support someone going through depression. Here are a few ways by which you can do that:

Firstly, read up and learn all you can about the condition

Ever heard the saying ‘Knowledge is power’ well there’s no doubt that its true. The more you know, the better equipped you will be in order to deal with the situation. So take to the internet and read away! (of course you need to make sure you are on authentic websites that will not give you false information). Learn the how, what, when and why of depression as this will help you tackle the obstacles to come. Understanding the condition will enable you to provide the best resources for your loved ones.

Talk them through it and listen well

alking to them, spread kindness, love and show mercy toward them. If you feel as though you cannot handle the situation yourself then take the person suffering from the condition to depression counselling Greensborough in order to help them. Lend an ear and hear what they have to say, take a mental note of everything they said and then talk to them about their issues. Do what you can to guide them through this rocky time in their lives. Make sure they never feel as though they are a burden to the world.

Be positive around them

Be a ray of sunshine, tell them they are loved, that they are heard and are important in your life so that they feel like they are wanted and needed. Create an environment of positivity, gratitude and optimism. This will help them overcome their depressed state of mind. Always be supportive and encouraging of their endeavours. Never criticize them for being negative because you cannot truly understand what they are going through. Just help them see the positive side of things but do not judge them for having negative thoughts, and do not let their negativity bother you either.

Get help

Remember that it is not your responsibility to single handily take on someone’s mental health issues and so you can’t always be there to give them emotional support. But you can do your best to make them feel loved while also telling them that you are not well equipped enough to handle this situation by yourself. Take them to see a psychologist who can properly counsel them and help them get better.Be kind and as understanding as possible so that they feel loved and needed. Remind them that they are so much more than they realize and that they will get through this period in their lives.